Sl. No.Name of the SchemeAmount lendingRate of interest
1SAO through PACS3000007.00%
2SAO Direct finance3000007.00%
3Guntur, Tenli – Narasaraopet12000013.00%
4CC against Mortgage of property
3Guntur, Tenli – Narasaraopet120000013.00%
5Loans to individuals (Salaried Employees)10000013.00%
6Non-Farm loans1000000 (Subject to condition as per project report)12.00 to 15.00%
7Centenary Multi Purpose, Kisan Credit Card10000007.00 to 14.00%
8Secured Over Draft Cash Credit200000014.00%
9Self Help GroupsAs per savings of groups, Micro Credit Plan13.00%
10Rythi Mitra GroupsAs per savings of groups, Micro Credit Plan13.00%
11Joing Liability Groups100000 to 500000 per group13.00%
12Weavers Socieites Cash CreditAs per recommendation of Asst. Director of Hand Loom & Text tiles & society per performance14.00%
13Weaver Credit Cards for Weavers, Asst. Director of Hand Loom & Text tiles3000014.00%
14CC and LC to PACS (For non credit business)up to 100000011.00%
15Godown loans for societyup to 150000010.00%
16Gramina Bandaru Yojana (Rural Godowns – Individuals)As per norms13.40%
17Govt. Sponsered SchemesAs per norms of Scheme13.40%
18Term Loans (NABARD Schemes)
1TractorsAs per Norms13.00%
2Two WeelarsAs per Norms13.00%
3Fish & FishfeedAs per Norms13.00%
4DDSAs per Norms13.00%
5SheepAs per Norms13.00%
6Bullocks & cartAs per Norms13.00%
7PoultryAs per Norms13.00%
8Betalvine gardenAs per Norms13.00%
9Curry LeafAs per Norms13.00%
10BannanaAs per Norms13.00%
11MangoAs per Norms13.00%
12Sapota etc.,As per Norms13.00%
13Vermi compostAs per Norms13.00%
14DripirrigationAs per Norms13.00%