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Welcome to Guntur District Cooperative Central Bank Ltd

We offer various banking services

Savings Deposits

Customers open a savings account at the bank. The bank pays you interest on the money that you deposit and leave in that account. The bank then loans that money out to other people, only they charge a slightly higher interest rate.

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Current Account

An account with a bank or building society from which money may be withdrawn without notice, typically an active account catering for frequent deposits and withdrawals by cheque.

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Rate of Interest

The amount charged, expressed as a percentage of principal, by a lender to a borrower for the use of assets. Interest rates are typically noted on an annual basis, known as the annual percentage rate (APR).

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Loans & Recovery

The act of giving money, property or other material goods to a another party in exchange for future repayment of the principal amount along with interest or other finance charges. A loan may be for a specific, one-time amount

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The Guntur District Cooperative Central Bank Ltd., Guntur is having 41 branches, 167 PACS catering to the needs of around 3,00,000 farmers.

The total deposits of Bank as on 31.03.2019 stood at Rs. 815.77 crores. The total loan outstanding of the Bank as on 31.03.2019 stood at Rs. 1244.72 crores.

The total borrowings of the Bank as on 31.03.2019 was Rs. 829.72 crores . The total investments of the Bank as on 31.03.2019 was Rs. 315.53 crores

The Bank has not defaulted to APCOB and also not defaulted in maintenance of CRR & SLR during the year.

The Agricultural Gold loans are being issued at 7 % and Non- Agricultural gold loans at 11.00%. And per gram rate for Agrl. Gold loans is is Rs.2500/- or 70 % of Bullion value, whichever is less and for Non –Agrl. Gold Loans is Rs. 2500/-

The CRAR as on 31.03.2019 is 11.16% .…more

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Sri.Rathamsetti Seetaramanjaneyulu (Lalpuram Ramu)
Chairperson - G.D.C.C.Bank.